My first camera was a Kodak polaroid, remember those?  Oh yeah, they are back out again, but with smaller images.   After I had children, photography turned into my passion and now, luckily, my business.  I appreciate that I can do something that I love and meet so many lovely people along the way.  
I love the mountains, they bring me peace while searching for that beautiful waterfall or sunset.  Guacamole and chips can be my every meal.  Family road trips make me happy, and stressed, right? (Packing is my nemesis, just put everything in my suitcase!)  I also embrace a lazy morning at home.  Life is an adventure with the curveballs that can be thrown at me, but it can make it interesting and make me appreciate the things I have every day.   
My husband is my biggest supporter of my business and our four children get to be the models if I see a great shot or opportunity. Our children are at different stages in their life, 2 boys, one in college and one in kindergarten, but they still act like brothers and two girls in high school, who are best friends, makes my heart very happy. Thank goodness I don't understand all of their inside jokes.  
I love to develop a relationship with my clients, even before the session. Seeing the innocent interactions between families, when they don't think they are in front of the camera, are my favorite. I take pride in every image I deliver and go through every detail to make sure your portraits are of the highest quality. Your prints are a quality that you will have for generations to come.  I hope to meet you soon. 

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